DC Dispensary Locations

Since the legalization of medical marijuana several dispensaries have been popping up. What is a medical dispensary? Since the pharmacies themselves can’t fill the prescription, dispensaries have been created to fill the needs and prescriptions of people needing cannabis. There are several dispensaries located in the DC area. Herbal Alternatives is a DC dispensary dedicated to finding the best product for your relief.

What makes our DC dispensary location the best choice?

  • We offer a variety of options:
    • Flowers: These are the most familiar form of cannabis. We have multiple options with over 80 different types of flower products.
    • Pre-roll: Our pre-rolls are convenient and pre-rolled in natural, unbleached paper. All of our pre-rolls are 3 strength and generally prepared to half a gram to a gram in weight.
    • Medibles: Our medibles are ingestible items that you can use to infuse and bake into home made goods, add them to any type of drink, or add them to your favorite candies. With multiple options for flavors you can choose your favorite and enhance the flavor of your favorite food, drink, or candy.
    • Topical: We infuse our balms with medicinal marijuana so it can be applied directly to the skin and help relieve the pain in joints and other areas more quickly and efficiently.
    • Accessories: We offer a wide variety of accessories to make the taking of your medical marijuana as easy for you as possible; from “Sherlock pipes and frosted spoons to power and compact vaporizers.
  • We believe in you.
    • Our staff are ready to help and assist you in your search for the right products. Each of our staff has a personal history that makes them the best advocates for our DC dispensary.
    • We care. We enjoy getting feedback from you and hearing how our products have helped to enhance your healing process. We refine and redesign our solutions to make sure our dispensary location provides you with the best that you deserve.

If you’re looking for a place to get help and relief our DC Dispensary is the best location for you to get the help you need. Contact us today for an enjoyable dispensary visit.