How to Buy Marijuana in Washington, D.C.

You’ve just received your medical marijuana card and are ready to take that next step toward healing. The question now is, “How to buy marijuana in Washington, D.C.?” by finding a dispensary you can trust to buy your marijuana.

Things to consider when choosing a dispensary to buy marijuana in Washington, D.C.

  • Customer Service: When you walk into the dispensary, you would like not only knowledgeable staff but friendly staff as well. Herbal Alternatives provides both; each staff member has a personal history with the medicinal benefits of marijuana and are ready to help find the right type of marijuana suited for your needs.
  • Product: There are several different ways to take the marijuana needed for your journey to healing. We will help you to understand which form of marijuana to buy to begin your journey of healing. Here are some of our products that we offer:
    • Flowers: Sunflower Red, Raspberry Diesel, Mountain Temple, Cookie Drizzle, and several others
    • Pre-Rolls: Blue Dream Pre-Rolls, Bruce Banner, BX 2.0, Acapulco Gold Pre-Rolls, Pinetrak Pre-Rolls, and Ak-47 Pre-Rolls
    • Medibles: Raw Cacao Square: THC:CBD, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid
    • Concentrates: Daytime Liquid Flower, Hash Balls: Merry ‘n Berry, Space/Bruce Cartridges, and many more
    • Topicals: Dragon Balm, Cannidex, Balm by Liberty, and Cream by Liberty
  • Process: We are constantly learning from one another in our daily interactions to create the best atmosphere for our dispensary. We only purchase from licensed cultivators in Washington, D.C. to provide the best product for our customers.

If you are interested in more information on how to buy marijuana in Washington, D.C. and do not have your medical marijuana card, we can help give you the information needed to obtain it. If you already have a medical marijuana card, we can help you in your next step to buy the marijuana needed for your healing. Contact us to get the healing you need and how to buy marijuana in Washington, D.C.