Member Programs

All Herbal Alternatives’ patients are considered Members. There are two categories of membership: Members and Members Plus. You are automatically enrolled as a Member when you choose Herbal Alternatives as your dispensary and are eligible to participate in the following programs:

Roll It Forward

For every hour up to 10 hours per month you volunteer your time at a recognized District of Columbia 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) and/or 501(c)(19) charitable organization we will deduct $1 off a single purchase. Simply present us with a letter from the organization documenting the time you donated.

Referral Rewards

For every patient you refer to Herbal Alternatives you will receive a free gram plus $25 off accessories. Let us know the name of the patient you referred and we will note your account. When your referral visits the dispensary your rewards will be credited.

Happy Birthday!

Members receive a free “plus” pre-roll for their birthday. A “plus” pre-roll is one we have kicked up a notch with a sprinkle of kief.

Just for You

A diverse group of people, coping with a myriad of symptoms and conditions, have diverse preferences and needs. If there are accessories you would like that we do not stock, just ask and we will attempt to procure it for you. If there is a cannabis product you need, we will work with the cultivators to see if, and when, it can be produced for you.

Member Plus:

Members may bump up their membership benefits by enrolling in our Member Plus Program. Plus Members pay a $150 annual (or $15 dollar monthly) fee to receive (in addition to their Member benefits):

Plus Rewards:

All purchases (excluding tax) rack up member plus points. Member plus points may be used towards dispensary purchases or to obtain gift cards from District of Columbia merchants. Points accumulate at the rate of 5 plus points per $100 spent.

Sunday Trims

Every Sunday for every gram of dried flowers you purchase you may purchase up to an equivalent weight of trim at $7 per gram.

Every Day Accessory Discounts:

10% off all accessories every day

Two for One:

Once a month you will receive two grams for the price of one.

NOTE: All cannabis products must be included in your rolling monthly limit. Compassionate Needs discounts may not be combined with Member Plus discounts, though Compassionate Needs members will receive the lower of the two discounts.