Who Can Get a Cannabis Card and Purchase Cannabis in Washington DC?

While medical marijuana has been legalized in DC, there are still regulations that everyone must abide by when getting a cannabis card and purchasing medical marijuana. Not everyone can get a cannabis card in Washington DC. There are steps that must be taken in the approval process and certain criteria that must be met to ensure the safety of everyone. Whether you’re a local in Washington DC or are visiting for a short time, be sure you know what is and is not approved for getting a cannabis card and purchasing cannabis at a marijuana dispensary.

It is worth noting, you cannot enter a cannabis dispensary without a cannabis card and ID, so the very first thing you must do is apply for a medical marijuana card before trying to buy cannabis in Washington DC.

Anyone 21 Years Old (with a Medical Marijuana Card)

To apply for a medical marijuana card, you must be at least 21 years old. If you fit this initial criteria, you can schedule an appointment with an approved medical professional (doctor, nurse, dentist, etc) by the Department of Health. If the medical professional decides you do need medical marijuana, you will then need to submit an application to the Department of Health either online or in the mail. In the application, you will need to provide the recommendation of an approved medical professional, two forms proving you are a resident of Washington DC, a photo ID, a headshot of yourself, and payment for the application fee. To see a detailed list of approved Department of Health medical professionals, approved forms of ID, and more, you can check out the link here.

Once you are approved by the Department of Health and have received your medical marijuana card, you must keep this card on you to legally enter a dispensary and carry cannabis on you (within the legal limit). As DC has a lot of federal land and monuments, you will want to be careful where you go while carrying cannabis because while cannabis has been legalized in Washington DC, it has not been legalized on a federal level. This means it cannot be taken on federal land, which is a large part of Washington DC. Just having a medical marijuana card is not enough as you still need to note where you will be going that day so you can ensure no issues while carrying medical marijuana.

Anyone Designated as a Medical Marijuana Caregiver

For those under the age of 21 who do need medical marijuana, you can assign a caregiver to handle picking up cannabis from a dispensary, possess, dispense, and assist in the administration of the medical marijuana. The caregiver must be at least 18 years of age, be registered with the Department of Health as the patient’s caregiver, cannot be registered as another patient’s caregiver, and cannot have been convicted of possession or sale of a controlled substance.

A minor who needs medical marijuana must have approval from their parent or legal guardian and must apply through the Department of Health with all the qualifications listed in a normal application, but they must list their caregiver on the application form. A caregiver must also apply through the Department of Health using the caregiver application. Once the caregiver is approved, they can then go to local dispensaries to pick up cannabis for the minor. The caregiver must keep their medical marijuana caregiver card on them while picking up and carrying cannabis to avoid legal action. The caregiver must also be the one to dispense the medical marijuana to the minor. Caregivers are treated as approved patients for medical marijuana except that they cannot take any cannabis for themselves or to distribute.

Out of State Patients (with a Medical Marijuana Card)

If you are visiting Washington DC from out of state and have a medical marijuana card from your state, you can purchase cannabis from a DC dispensary. This allows those visiting DC to still safely get the cannabis they need. You will need an ID and your medical marijuana card to enter a dispensary. But keep in mind, if you are visiting and plan to visit monuments, memorials, and more, you cannot carry cannabis on you on federal land. You also cannot cross state lines with cannabis which means you cannot bring cannabis with you from out of state nor can you take it home with you from DC. These are all very important things to note when visiting Washington DC and needing medical marijuana. You do not want to have your trip ruined by accidentally taking cannabis somewhere it can not be because it is federal property or crossing state lines with cannabis.

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