Where Can You Buy Quality Marijuana Edibles in Washington, DC?

Since its legalization in Washington, DC, marijuana has quickly been growing in popularity daily. Edibles have been around for quite some time but using them properly in food to taste good has become easier than ever. When you hear the word edibles, the first food you think of is brownies. Brownies were the most popular way to consume marijuana edibles back in the day; however, the way to make and consume edibles has changed to include edibles in food we consume on a regular basis.

What are edibles? 

Edibles are any food or food product that has been infused with marijuana. Edibles are quickly becoming one of the more popular ways to consume marijuana. You can simply add the marijuana to your foods while baking (brownies, cookies, and more) or even add it to your favorite cooking oil or in your butter and spread it on your dinner (mashed potatoes, chicken, smoothies, and much more), creating the perfect marijuana edible dinner. 

What are the benefits of buying marijuana edibles?  

The main benefit of buying marijuana edibles is that it considerably cuts down on your risk of lung cancer. Smoking marijuana has the same effect as smoking cigarettes which has been linked to lung cancer. When you bake and consume your edibles, you are getting the same results in a less harmful way. You will also feel the potential pain relief results just as quickly as if you had taken the marijuana another way. Herbal Alternatives is a dispensary that is located conveniently in downtown Washington, DC. You can stop in after a day of work, get your marijuana edibles, and hop back on the Metro to head home to add your edibles to dinner or dessert.

These are a few of our top quality marijuana edibles that we offer:   

Marijuana brownies are a thing of the past and cooking and baking marijuana edibles in our everyday meals are the new way to take marijuana. Contact us if you have any further questions about marijuana edibles or other ways you can consume them or add them to food.