3 reasons to start using marijuana edibles immediately:

When you think of marijuana edibles, typically the first thought that comes to mind is pot brownies. While as delicious as that sounds, eating brownies for medicinal purposes can not only become bland, but also not really that healthy. Herbal Alternatives has marijuana edibles varying from chocolate to the option of placing the marijuana in whatever food you like.

So, why should you consume marijuana edibles instead of smoking?

  • Cooking with marijuana provides vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The herb contains Vitamin K to help with blood clotting, Vitamin C for immune health, Iron for blood oxygenation, Calcium for bones, and Folate for DNA repair. You can make your favorite dish into a vitamin-rich dish by cooking with marijuana edibles. If you ingest marijuana, it metabolizes in your liver, creating a different effect than by taking it by other means.
  • Consuming marijuana by making marijuana edibles is a much healthier alternative to smoking. While smoking marijuana can leave your head feeling groggy from huffing and puffing, consuming a marijuana edible will only leave your stomach happy and full and also feel the healing effects. When you smoke marijuana, you inhale more deeply and hold the smoke there longer to feel benefits; doing this results in more tar buildup in the lungs. When you eat marijuana edibles, you simply get the benefits of marijuana and also the taste whatever delicious dish you’ve decided to make.
  • Ingesting marijuana edibles can help aid in discomfort. It help relieve the symptoms of pain and discomfort you may be feeling.You can’t really get this effect from smoking, because the smoking would just cause tar build up in the lungs.

Instead of your marijuana edibles being the same old brownies every day, you can try new dishes. Just add a few drops of your favorite tasting cannabis tinctures or flower leaf into whatever dish was already on your menu and enjoy.