Top Place To Buy Medicinal Cannabis In Washington, DC

Even though recreational and medicinal cannabis are both now legal in Washington, DC, there is a main difference in where you can purchase the two. Recreational cannabis cannot be purchased; it must be received as a gift when making a purchase of a different product. However, when you are purchasing medicinal cannabis, all you need is a medical cannabis license and great dispensary.

Why Herbal Alternatives is the top place in Washington, DC to buy medicinal cannabis


  • Welcoming Atmosphere: We welcome, rely on, and value the diversity of people that frequent our dispensary. We value you, our customer, and appreciate any and all feedback. We are always trying to provide our customers with only the best in medicinal cannabis in Washington, DC, both in service and in products. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed when you walk through our doors.
  • Caring Staff: Each of our staff members has a personal history with the use of medicinal cannabis. They can help you find the products for your situation based on their own personal testimony. We love to hear from our customers and see the difference that taking medicinal cannabis has made in their lives.
  • Quality Products: Our products can be used as natural alternatives to some medicines as well as supplements to traditional medicines. These are a few of our top medicinal cannabis products to buy:
  • Pre-Order Options: If you know that you will have a busy day, you can pre-order your medicinal cannabis from us. We ask that all orders be in a half-hour before our store opens. Once we have filled your order, we send you a text or email to confirm.


At Herbal Alternatives, you can take advantage of the knowledge of our staff and the wide variety of products we provide to our customers to help in every situation. Contact us for any questions you may have about our dispensary or medicinal marijuana we provide.