What to Expect When Visiting A Cannabis Dispensary in Washington, DC

You’ve received your medical marijuana card and can now find a cannabis dispensary in Washington, DC to fill your pain relief needs. It can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating heading into a cannabis dispensary for the first time.

Here are a few things you can expect when you enter a cannabis dispensary in Washington, DC:

  • Expect to show your ID. Whether it’s your first time visiting or your 50th, you’ll need your state ID and medical marijuana card when you enter. This is to ensure that everything is kept above board and in compliance with the state’s and city’s laws.
  • Expect great customer service: No one expects you to know what brand or type of cannabis would work best for you. Our staff at Herbal Alternatives has been trained to answer any questions you may have. Each member of our staff has used medical marijuana at some point and time in their own personal life for pain relief. This makes them much more qualified to help you than someone who has never used the cannabis for themselves.
  • Expect quality products: After you’ve discussed which types of cannabis may be the best for you with one our staff members, you can now decide from a variety of quality products. Here are a few that are available through online as well:
    • Flowers: Early Durban #2, Headtrip, LA Wookie, and several other flowers.
    • Concentrates: Orange Sunshine Oleorosin, Aussie Blues Kief, Raw Cartridges: Strawberry Glue, and many more concentrates.
    • Medibles: Serenity MCT Oil, Clarity MCT Oil, Pineapple Skunk Tincture, and several more medibles.
    • Accessories: Magical Butter Machine 2, 4pc Grinder/Jar, Reversal Art Bubbler, and much more in accessories.
  • Expect satisfaction: At Herbal Alternatives it is our mission to provide natural cannabis solutions that enhance the health and well-being of our customers. We respect your rights and keep your information confidential. We are constantly improving the quality of our products to provide you, our customer, only the best in products.

When you head to your cannabis dispensary in Washington, DC for the first time, keep all these thoughts in mind. Herbal Alternatives is ready to hear from you and help you get started our your journey to healing. We hope to see you soon!