The Best Washington, DC Cannabis Dispensary

When you make any type of purchase, you want to make sure that you are buying from the best. You do research to see what the product is all about and what others are saying about it. What about the actual place you are buying from? When someone says Chick-fil-A, you know you’re going to be greeted and treated with great respect. Why not do some research and find the best cannabis dispensary in Washington, DC? Herbal Alternatives is one of the best cannabis dispensaries in the local DC area.

What sets us out from the other cannabis dispensaries in Washington, DC?

    • Mission: Our mission is to provide our customers with an open and caring environment. We are dedicated to making sure that you feel safe and that your privacy is protected. Our staff each have some personal history with the use of cannabis and understand the importance of a positive and caring environment. We hope to make your cannabis dispensary visit a pleasant one.  
    • Products: We understand that not everyone who visits our cannabis dispensary will like the same products. We have a wide variety of cannabis and different methods of taking them.



All of our products are tested by the cultivators themselves, ensuring that you only get the top quality in products at our cannabis dispensary.

  • Pre-Ordering: If you are in a hurry and know exactly what cannabis you need, you can contact us ahead of time and we can have your order ready and waiting. All you’ll need to do is show your registration card and ID. Your pre-order should be submitted 30 minutes prior to opening.

If you are located in the DC area and are searching for a cannabis dispensary, then search no further. You can contact us and find out more information about our cannabis dispensary and our services that we can offer to you.