How To Get Marijuana in D.C.

Have you been wanting to try marijuana as a healthier alternative to typical medicine but just do not know where to start? Herbal Alternatives is here to help. We are a medical marijuana dispensary located right in downtown Washington, D.C. Our team at Herbal Alternatives can help you every step of the way, from getting your medical marijauna card to deciding what cannabis options are best for you and your needs. Before you ever get your D.C. medical marijuana card, there are a few things you need to do which you can find below as well as what to do once you receive your medical marijuana card.


Here are a few things you need to know before getting your marijuana in D.C.


  • Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card: One of the first steps needed in getting marijuana is obtaining a medical marijuana card for Washington, D.C. Here are the steps needed in order to get your medical marijauna card: 


      • A doctor’s recommendation: This is the most important part. Without a doctor’s recommendation, none of the other information is necessary. 
      • A completed application form: Once you have received the approval from your doctor, you should begin filling out a medical marijuana application form which may also be completed online.
      • A current, government-issued form of ID: This may either be a passport photo or a driver’s license. 
      • Two forms of proof of residency: In addition to your photos, you will also need proof that you are indeed a resident of Washington, D.C. You may use your utility bill, copy of lease, voter registration car, and also your government issued ID. 
      • Money for the registration fee:  This may either be paid by certified check, money order, or cashier’s check made payable to the D.C. Treasurer. 


  • Finding the Best Marijuana Dispensary in D.C. Now that you have obtained your marijuana card, you can now search for the best dispensary in Washington, D.C. Herbal Alternatives will not only help provide you with great customer care and service, but also great quality products. If you’re in need of something to reduce the anxiety in your life, we have Do-Si-Dos for that. Are you ready for some sleep and help beating insomnia? We have Deep Line Alchemy waiting for you. Are you suffering from joint pain? Let us help you with our Blackberry Banana OG. We have so many things to help you feel relief quickly and easily.


  • Understanding of Products Needed: Now that you have your medical marijuana card and know where you’ll be going to get your medical marijuana in D.C., you can start to use this alternative medicine for healing. The only downside is that there are several different options and types of marijuana products that can be used. Are you in need of something that helps reduce anxiety levels? Do you need marijuana that helps aid in sleeping? Do you need relief from arthritis and other joint pains? Once you have decided on the best products for you which our team is happy to assist with you if you decide Herbal Alternatives is the dispensary for you. 


Are you ready to take the steps needed to use medical marijuana for your health and needs? Contact us today for more information on our medical marijuana or obtaining your medical marijuana card in Washington, D.C.