Three Benefits of Marijuana Edibles

Just a few years ago, cooking with cannabis in Washington, DC wasn’t even a consideration. People thought the only benefits of marijuana edibles was feeling happy and relaxed. Now, not only can you cook with marijuana, but you can also buy marijuana edibles in Washington, DC. Instead of eating brownies every night, you can add marijuana to a wide variety of foods or you can buy marijuana edibles of your choosing. We’ve come a long way in the medical industry, but we’ve made great strides in the medicinal values of cannabis. 


Here are three benefits of buying and consuming marijuana edibles: 

  1. Marijuana edibles are high in essential vitamins and minerals. When you take normal vitamins, you may feel a little boost in energy, but that’s about it. You may wonder if there really are any vitamins and minerals since the Vitamin C you take in the morning doesn’t quite make you feel like a marijuana edible does. You have to think of the marijuana as a plant, and that the plant is rich in vitamins and minerals. When you buy marijuana edibles, you’re buying your vitamins and minerals. Some of the essential vitamins in marijuana edibles are Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Folate. 
  2. Marijuana edibles are a healthier alternative to smoking. Smoking causes inflammation of your respiratory system and can lead to a variety of other problems in the future. When you smoke marijuana you also inhale the smoke even further down into your lungs, and your lungs can end up with much more tar than those who smoke cigarettes. When you buy marijuana edibles, you take away the smoke factor and leave your lungs tar free and your sweet tooth satisfied.
  3. Marijuan edibles can help relieve pain. People who ingest marijuana will often experience a longer-lasting relief from pain. When you smoke, your relief lasts for around two hours; however, with marijuana edibles, it can last anywhere from four to six hours. 

If you are looking to buy marijuana edibles, Herbal Alternatives in Washington, DC is the place for you. Contact our dispensary today about our quality products and amazing marijuana edible options.