The Top Three Ways To Use Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is growing in popularity as a healthier alternative to modern medicine. It is an effective medicine and has been recognized as a helpful medicine used by patients across the world and throughout history. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers who are just beginning to use medical cannabis is, “What is the best way to use medical cannabis?” 


Here are a few of the top suggested ways with both pros and cons on how to use medical cannabis beneficially


  • Smoking and Vaping: Once the medical cannabis has been lit, all you need to do to receive the benefits is inhale the smoke.
    • Pros: You can receive instant relief, it’s fairly easy to use, inexpensive, and there are many options available to you, such as bongs, vaping, water pipes, pre-rolls, and more. 
    • Cons: Studies have shown that smoking or vaping medical cannabis may be harmful to your lungs, and smoking the medical cannabis will leave the lingering smell on you and your clothing. 
    • Pros: The edibles can provide you with long-lasting relief and are a good alternative to not inhaling smoke, and the best part of edibles is a tasty, delicious treat. 
    • Cons: Edibles may take up to an hour before you start feeling the medical benefit and must be locked away from children and pets. Dosages for edibles are also much harder to manufacture: you either don’t add enough and don’t feel the effects as much as would be helpful or there is too much medical cannabis which creates a different high. 
  • Topicals: One of the great ways that medical cannabis can be used is in a topical form. You just apply a lotion or spray directly onto your affected area and let the medical cannabis provide you with relief. You can also make your own topicals by using tinctures and add it to your favorite lotions. In addition to lotions and sprays, you can also use cannabis lip balm to help relieve badly chapped lips and even prevent your lips from getting chapped. 
    • Pros: The topicals don’t produce any type of high, gives you localized relief, and helps with any skin issues. 
    • Cons: This only helps with surface issues like arthritis or cramps and nothing internal. 


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