Medical Marijuana Dispensary Conveniently Located In Washington, DC

Studies have shown that medical marijuana is a very useful tool in the natural healing process. Researchers say our bodies already produce a marijuana like chemical that helps to treat inflammation and pain. Medical marijuana can help that natural process already happening in our bodies to become even more effective. Washington, DC recognizes these helpful benefits and have dispensaries located around the DC area to help provide you with the natural healing and benefits of medical marijuana.

Herbal Alternatives is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located near the Dupont Circle. You can take the metro to the Dupont Circle Station and from there it’s a less than 10 minute walk to our location. DC currently recognizes 16 state’s programs allowed in the dispensary; coming from another state you can take the metro to get around town to site see and also stop by our dispensary just less than 10 minutes from the metro.

Why choose our dispensary among others?

  • What we do:

We help provide relief to those in pain. It’s our mission to make sure  our product is the best out there. We take your health seriously. Each of our staff members has a personal history connected to the benefits of the use of medical marijuana, making them able to help you discover the best product to heal.  

  • Our mission:

Our mission is that we welcome, rely, and value the input from you, our customer. We love hearing from you and implementing your suggestions. We enjoy hearing how our products have helped to benefit your life. It is our mission to help make you as comfortable as possible in the healing process by using our medical marijuana.

We look forward to providing you with the right tools to get your relief. If you are located in Washington, DC, just hop on the Metro and once at the Dupont Circle station, it’s just less than 10 minutes to that first step of relief. We’re excited to help you on your natural healing journey.