Marijuana Tinctures Tips and Benefits

Marijuana tinctures have many great benefits that make them the perfect way to take cannabis without the smell or smoke while still receiving the pain relief and help marijuana provides. Tinctures can be more effective and have a faster relief time than other forms of cannabis as well. We’re going to discuss some of the many benefits of cannabis tinctures as well as some tips for taking tinctures different ways.

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Tinctures are one of the oldest forms of cannabis consumption. Marijuana tinctures are liquid tinctures in an alcohol base, so basically, cannabis-infused alcohol. Cannabis tinctures are the perfect consumption option for those looking to take medical marijuana without the smoke normally seen and smelled when taking cannabis. If you’ve been looking for a smokeless way to take cannabis or need a more discreet option when taking medical marijuana in public, tinctures are the perfect option for you.

Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures


  • More Accurate Dosing – Taking marijuana tinctures allows you the option for drop-by-drop dosing, so you can find the best amount for your personal needs. Everyone is different and needs different amounts of marijuana to help them, and tinctures give you that ability to find the right amount for you down to the drop.
  • Fast-acting Relief – Tinctures can provide faster pain relief than other forms of cannabis, making it a better option most of the time. Depending on how it’s taken, marijuana tinctures can
  • No smell or smoke – A big complaint we hear is about the smell marijuana leaves behind which can be noticed by others. Tinctures won’t leave a smell making them easier to take in public without others noticing. There also won’t be any smoke, making them the perfect option for taking medical marijuana discreetly.
  • More Versatile – Marijuana tinctures can be taken in a variety of ways: food, drinks or straight under the tongue. This versatility allows users to experiment with different amounts to find exactly what works for you in each situation. Always remember to start small and allow time for the tincture to take effect before taking more.
  • Can Be Longer-lasting – When kept in a cool, dry place, marijuana tinctures can last for several years, making the investment in them worth it for the money. Keeping your tinctures sealed and in a dark place will help them last longer, so you can purchase what you need and know it won’t go bad quickly before you can use it.

Different Ways to Take Cannabis Tinctures

  • In Food – Marijuana tinctures can be taken in all sorts of food, such as salad dressings, soups, sauces, and more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to trying cannabis tinctures in food. It may taste better in some foods over others, but half the fun is finding what food options you prefer your tinctures in. Liquids are usually best for the full effect of the tincture without diluting it or cooking it out.
  • In Drinks – From smoothies to hot chocolate to tea to juice, there are so many drink options you can put marijuana tinctures in. Drinks are usually the easiest and most convenient way to take tinctures because it blends well in the liquid. Drinks are usually gone faster than food as well, so in general, you’ll feel the benefits and pain relief of the cannabis sooner than when taken in food.
  • Under the Tongue – For the fastest effects from marijuana tinctures, under the tongue, or sublingually as it’s known, is the best way to take tinctures. The marijuana gets into the bloodstream faster and has a higher concentration of liquid because it hasn’t been digested like in food or drinks. Users must be careful of this option however, because some people do feel a burning sensation under their tongue when taken this way. You also may need to adjust the amount you take or you could end up taking much more than needed since the marijuana isn’t diluted at all or digested.

How Long Until I Feel the Effects of Marijuana Tinctures?

The length of time to feel the effect of marijuana tinctures changes based on how it’s taken. The good news is, marijuana tinctures are fast-acting and you can usually feel the effects of the cannabis faster than when taken through medibles, rolls, and topicals.

In general, when taken sublingually, you should feel the effect within an hour. If you need more, take one dropper full at a time. Just remember not to take too much at a time or overdue it. Give the marijuana time to take effect before taking more.

When taken in food or drink, you should feel the effects within a couple of hours. This is similar to taking medibles, so it will take a little longer than taking it under the tongue, but you’ll still get the pain relief and help from the cannabis you need. Again, if you feel you need more to help with the pain or symptoms, start with a dropper full and go from there. Always give the tinctures time to get through your system to feel the effects.

The beauty of tinctures is it is easy to measure by drops and dropper fulls, so you can use this as a way to measure exactly what your body needs and what works for you. For more information about marijuana tinctures and their benefits, contact Herbal Alternatives. We’d love to become your trusted dispensary for all of your medical marijuana needs.