9 Common Mistakes in Choosing a DC Dispensary

We often hear what we should look for in a cannabis dispensary, but what about what you should not look for in a dispensary? Are there certain things you should be careful about or look out for? Are some DC dispensaries better than others? If so, what makes them different? We are going to discuss what not to look for in a dispensary in Washington DC, and things you should look out for when deciding which dispensary to get your medical marijuana from.

9 Things Not To Do When Deciding on a Dispensary in Washington DC

  1. Don’t Look for a Dispensary Until You Have A Medical Marijuana Card
    Without a medical marijuana card, you can’t go into a dispensary in DC or purchase any cannabis. The first thing to do before anything else is get your medical marijuana card, and then you can begin trying to decide which dispensary is right for you. We have a detailed explanation of how to get your medical marijuana card here.
  2. Don’t Look for the Cheapest Dispensary
    Saving money is never a bad thing, but looking only at the price of the cannabis to decide which dispensary to go to could lead to issues down the road. The cheapest product doesn’t necessarily equal the best product. Take the time to find out what an average cost is for the medical marijuana you’re looking for, and then decide if the dispensary with the cheapest product is one to consider.
  3. Don’t Look for a Dispensary Too Far from Your Normal Travel Route
    Anything could happen to the cannabis you have at home, and if you need to quickly get to your dispensary, but it’s halfway across town, you may end up dealing with pain and side effects unnecessarily. Choosing a dispensary in your normal travel route allows you the option to make a quick stop if needed on your way to or from work, the gym or the grocery store. It makes getting the medical marijuana you need easier without taking a ton of extra time.
  4. Don’t Look for the Busiest Dispensary
    Busy doesn’t mean a dispensary is good. When choosing a dispensary in DC, be sure to find out why they’re always busy and if they can handle the number of customers coming to the store. You want to find a dispensary where you can have your questions answered if you need to find an employee and not have to wait a long time until someone is free. Dispensaries aren’t normally large places anyway, so choosing a dispensary just because they seem busy or popular isn’t the best idea.
  5. Don’t Look at Only Online Reviews
    Online reviews can be both a great and terrible way to find out about a place you’re considering going to for the first time. The best review you can get is usually a reference from a friend or family member because it’s from someone you trust and you know it’s a real review from a real person. But that being said, you should definitely take the average online review rating into account, especially if there are hundreds of reviews available.
  6. Don’t Forget To Check Their Products Online
    If you have certain products you like or are in need of specific flavors or kinds of cannabis, shopping online to see what each dispensary sells is important. Narrowing down dispensaries can be even easier by seeing what each one offers to their clients. Every dispensary provides different products and cannabis, so checking out their website to see what they sell helps you narrow down which dispensary can provide you with everything you need.
  7. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions
    New products are always being created, and introduced and sometimes you just want to try something new. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at your dispensary to find out what they know. You’d be surprised how helpful the employees can be and how much they can help. They may even point you to something you never thought to try or a new way to take cannabis that you end up loving.
  8. Don’t Assume You Can Pay With a Credit or Debit Card
    Most dispensaries only accept cash and do not take credit or debit cards. This is very important to know before going to your local dispensary. You can call ahead or check online to find out, but it is best to assume they only take cash unless you research ahead of time and find out otherwise.
  9. Don’t Try To Take Anyone With You
    Only those 21 or older with a medical marijuana card may enter a dispensary in Washington DC, so trying to take someone with you will only cause problems for everyone. No one can go in without a medical marijuana card with the exception of a pre approved caretaker for those who are too young or can’t go themselves. Save everyone the trouble and don’t try to take anyone with you into the dispensary. Go when you can arrange to be by yourself and can shop alone.

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