The DC Cultivators:

Herbal Alternatives and the other dispensaries in DC may only purchase products containing cannabis from cultivators licensed in DC. We thought our patients might be interested in knowing who the active cultivators are and a little bit about each of them. To date—ten cultivator licenses have been issued. Seven of those licensees are currently supplying product (with an eighth due to begin wholesaling in January, 2017). Several of the operating cultivators hold multiple licenses, though each license is held under different names. Below is a list of the active DC cultivators and a message from those cultivators.

Abatin Wellness
From cultivation to extraction to packaging, Abatin DC provides the safest and highest quality medical cannabis products to DC dispensaries. Abatin DC cannabis products possess unique and consistent cannabinoid and terpene profiles that make Abatin medicines the most effective and enjoyable in DC.

  • Abatin operates a highly sophisticated cultivation facility in DC, featuring a state-of-the-art, climate controlled greenhouse allowing the sun’s full-spectrum, natural light to stimulate the optimal production of therapeutic cannabis essential oils that cannot be produced under indoor artificial lighting.
  • Abatin has engaged a laboratory-based, science team that employs a validated cannabinoid and terpene assay, which provides precision testing results rarely found in the cannabis industry. The laboratory team conducts sophisticated microbial testing to ensure that Abatin provides DC dispensaries with the cleanest medicines available.
  • Abatin makes available to its clients the latest scientific research about medical cannabis and its products.
  • Abatin breeds and cultivates cannabis flowers to express the broadest range of cannabinoid and terpenoid ratios in the United States. The high oil content produced by Abatin flowers ensures both aromatic appeal and therapeutic effectiveness.

Alternative Solutions (Two Licenses: Second License Under DC’s Finest)
Alternative Solutions is dedicated to providing DC’s patients the purest, medicinal grade cannabis on the market—in quantities sufficient to provide licensed DC dispensaries the inventory to fulfill patients’ current and on-going needs. Although already acknowledged as the best by many, we will not become complacent but will continue to strive for “perfection” and to offer to you an ever-increasing choice of effective, natural products. We welcome your input. Your needs are what drive us to excel. Try our products and let us know what you think!

Apelles Cultivation (Same Management as Capital City Cultivation)
To grow Washington DC’s best medical marijuana…. we started from the GROUND UP. Roots by Apelles is the premier cultivator of medical marijuana in the District of Columbia. It is our mission to grow the highest quality products for qualified patients in the District. We do this by using only the highest quality nutrients, the most efficient and effective grow processes and ensuring expert and diligent care from the ground up.

Capital City Cultivation (Same Management as Apelles Cultivation)
Capital City Cultivation provides carefully selected, organically grown, high-quality medical marijuana products to qualified patients in the District of Columbia. Our unique facility design reflects the highest standards in medical marijuana cultivation management. In this spirit, Capital City Cultivation employs an eco-friendly clean room facility equipped with the next generation security equipment and protocols which allows us to provide a steady supply of scientifically screened and professionally packaged medical marijuana products for qualified patients in the District.

District Growers
At District Growers, we often use the term “Grow True”. We use this term as a constant reminder of our goal to provide the best quality products – bar none. To accomplish this, we marry cutting-edge cultivation solutions, proven technologies, and nature’s very own touch to achieve unmatched quality. When it comes to cultivation, we believe that convenient shortcuts should never overcome proven methods. Consequently, we have taken the time to optimize our methods and processes to deliver the highest quality. From our production methods to our service, we endeavor to exceed all expectations. It is not enough to us to be the best if the best is not perfect. Put simply, Grow True is to pursue perfection.

Holistic Remedies (Two Licenses: Second License Under Organic Wellness)                Holistic Remedies LLC was Washington DC’s first licensed medical cannabis Cultivation Center. Since 2011, Holistic Remedies has offered a variety of high quality medical cannabis strains, including high CBD strains to produce medicine for qualifying children patients experiencing severe seizures, along with medical cannabis concentrates and infused products to qualifying District patients.