Different Ways To Use Cannabis Oil

Being prescribed cannabis oil is just the first step in getting relief from your pain. Now you can learn all the exciting ways to use cannabis oil in your daily life.

  • Baking/Cooking: There are several ways to use cannabis oil in your everyday baking and cooking. Whether you enjoy baking moist cakes and soft cookies or cooking your every day meal on the stove, you can add a few drops of your cannabis oil to get some relief. By adding the oil to your food, you can control how much and when you take it. To be careful not to take too much or too little, you can get a dropper and put the exact mount in your favorite dish.
  • Lotions/Balms/Salves: Using lotion is a great way keep your skin hydrated, but it’s also one of the great ways to use cannabis oil. By adding a few drops into your lotion, your skin can absorb some of the healing effects of the cannabis oil. While the lotions may not be as effective as ingesting, it may still leave your skin glowing and looking fresh. You can also use the balms and salves to apply directly to your painful joints, getting some quick relief.
  • Tea/Coffee/Smoothies: You can add the cannabis oil to coconut oil and use the oils not only in your smoothies, but tea and coffee as well. Drinking the cannabis oil can help get you some quick relief. It takes around 40 minutes for your body to process a drink, whereas with food it may take four to six hours.

These methods are just a few of the different ways to use cannabis oil. Whether you’d like to take a certain amount of oil at the same time, apply the oil straight to your aching joints, or get fast relief by drinking normal beverages, cannabis oil can help get you your relief.