What Does Washington DC Reciprocity Mean For The Medical Community?

The recent passing and implementing of DC’s legislative act B22-446 that allows citizens from other states to purchase medical marijuana in DC is a huge step for the medical community. Medical marijuana has been a topic of great discussion in the medical community for years with debates on how helpful it truly is for pain and illness and whether or not it should be legalized throughout the U.S. Now with our nation’s capital allowing reciprocity in Washington DC for medical marijuana businesses and users, this puts the medical community one step closer to allowing even more freedoms and privileges to cannabis users.

What Does Washington DC Reciprocity Allow?

The main focus of the Washington DC reciprocity legislative act B22-446 is allowing medical marijuana users from other states (only 16 of the 30 states where medical marijuana is legal) to purchase and use medical marijuana and any of its accessories legally in Washington DC. But that is not the only thing the act passed. It also allowed for home delivery for patients who are unable to get to a dispensary themselves. Capping taxes on medical marijuana and the industry as a whole. Same-day registration for new medical marijuana customers applying for their medical marijuana card as well as allowing patients to qualify without a doctor’s referral. Safe treatment facilities being established throughout Washington DC. And, what we at Herbal Alternatives are very excited about, allowing existing dispensaries to relocate and expand their existing operation to meet our customers’ needs.

If you have any other questions about Washington DC reciprocity or our dispensary in general at Herbal Alternatives and the products we offer, please contact us any time. One of our team members will gladly help answer any questions you may have about medical marijuana.