The Top Three Benefits of Cannabis Vaping

There are several different views and opinions about vaping and using vaporizers. We’d like to point out the top three benefits of cannabis vaping to allow you to make your own decision on whether vaping is right for you.  


  • It can be safer than smoking. The Royal College of Physicians is a prestigious organization that represents over 35,000 doctors and make it their mission to promote only the best of healthcare for everyone. They released a statement saying that cannabis vaping is 95% safer than smoking cannabis. There is no tar or ash when you vape, so essentially it’s like being smoke-free. Using cannabis vaporizers can help with oral hygiene, lung capacity, and improve your senses of smell and taste.
  • No more pungent odors. One of the best advantages of cannabis vaping is that you nor your environment will smell like smoke. This doesn’t mean that the smell of cannabis is gone, just the smoky smell that accompanies smoking. Now all people will smell is the flavor of cannabis you have chosen: Space Face, Cookies ‘n Cream, or Sunflower Red.
  • You will save money in the long run. Once you have purchased a cannabis vaporizer, you are able to use that vaporizer over and over again. If you decide to make the switch from pre-rolls to simply vaping, you will save money by only needing to purchase the flowers or oils you desire.


Where can you find a top quality cannabis vaporizer?

Herbal Alternatives can provide you with a wide variety of vaporizers: one for every budget. These are a few of the vaporizers we offer:

  • Firefly Vaporizer – $269: The Firefly is the only loose-leaf vaporizer that can heat up instantly. It has digital temperature control to heat up your favorite flowers or oils without burning it.
  • Eclipse VapeH20 – $59.95: Made in the USA and designed by Herbal Innovations, this vaporizer is designed for many different types of cannabis. It includes a shock resistant case and a user guide. The long glass pipe adds extra water, cooling down the vapor and filtrating it along the way, giving you a clean and pure cannabis vaporizing experience.
  • Crafty – $330: This is a compact vaporizer with only a single Lithium-ion battery. It will heat up automatically at the default temperature of 356ºF but can be boosted to 383ºF. Once it’s ready, the color will change from red to green.

If you are ready to make the beneficial switch from smoking cannabis to vaping cannabis, contact us at Herbal Alternatives today and find the vaporizer that best suits you.