Steps To Take When Getting Your Washington, DC Medical Cannabis Card

Whether you are just renewing your medical cannabis card or applying for one for the first time, there are a few steps that need to be followed. Much like getting your driver’s license, you need to follow the proper steps in order to avoid any hassle or confusion when applying for your medical cannabis card in Washington, DC. Once the following steps have been completed, it takes about a month for the Department of Health in Washington, DC to issue you your medical cannabis card.


  • Get a medical cannabis card recommendation. This is probably the most important step. Without recommendation from a doctor, it will be impossible to receive your medical cannabis card. Schedule an appointment with your physician to see if you qualify to receive a recommendation to obtain your medical cannabis card in DC.
  • Submit your application for your medical cannabis card to the Department of Health. You have the option to submit your application online or with a paper application. The following is what you need in order to submit your application:


      • Two forms of identification. They can be any two from the following list:
        • Copy of your current issued state license
        • Voter’s registration card
        • Full copy of lease
        • Deed to property
        • Utility bill
        • Copy of recent pay stub showing DC withholding tax


  • Pay the application fee to the Department of Health. The Department of Health does not accept personal checks or cash. You can pay your application fee online, take a money order directly to the office*, or send it by mail.


*Make your money order out to the DC Treasurer. The fee is $100 for regular income patients and $25 for low income.

Ready to take that first step to obtaining your medical cannabis card in Washington, DC? If you have any further questions, you can contact us at Herbal Alternatives or read more about obtaining your medical cannabis card here.