Medical Cannabis Dispensary in DC

Choosing the Right Medical Cannabis Dispensary For You in DC

There are several things to consider when deciding which medical cannabis dispensary you should choose in DC. Here are a few points we believe are important when making your decision:

Do the employees personally know about or use cannabis?
If you knew that a friend had similar symptoms or pain as you, wouldn’t you go to them for advice or just to talk about the struggles you have with chronic pain, fatigue, etc? You would trust them because you know they understand what you’re going through.

This is why at Herbal Alternatives, all of our staff members are advocates for medicinal cannabis. They understand the struggles you are going through and can talk to you about the journey you are on to healing, pain relief, and more.

Is the medical cannabis dispensary using quality cultivators?
Cannabis cultivators are the very beginning of the process of selling cannabis. If the cultivators aren’t providing quality care and products for the cannabis, it won’t be as pure by the time it gets to you.

At Herbal Alternatives, we use only the best, licensed cultivators in DC who provide quality plants for our dispensary to serve our customers. Each cultivator is striving to continually provide the best products to ensure maximum help and relief for our customers.

Does the dispensary offer a variety of products?
When you go to purchase a food item at the store, you are given multiple options of ways to eat it, prepare it, drink it, and so on. So why shouldn’t you have the same options at your local medical cannabis dispensary in DC?

At Herbal Alternatives, we understand our customers want options to take and use cannabis their way: to eat, prepare, vape, roll, and more the way you want, so we offer a variety of products to give each customer exactly what they need.