Marijuana Vaporizers

Choosing a Marijuana Vaporizer

With so many options available for marijuana vaporizers in the DC area, how do you know where to look for the right one or choose which one is right for you? Are some different than others? Do they have different features? How much do vaporizers cost? While the price can range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, we’d like to focus on a few of the more affordably-priced marijuana vaporizers and some of their helpful features.

Marijuana Vaporizers and Their Different Features

Travels Well Smaller
vaporizers can be easily carried and are convenient for times when you’re on the move. A couple examples of this would be the Magic Flight Launch Box, the world’s smallest electronic vaporizer or the Summit, that can be used even while it’s charging.

Polite in Public
If you are needing medicinal relief but are in public or around others and don’t want the smell to disturb them, a marijuana vaporizer is the best option. A marijuana vaporizer doesn’t produce as much of an odor and the smell disappears faster than smoking.

Added Flavor
Many people prefer vaping over smoking because they say there is more flavor from the marijuana when you use a vaporizer. One option for a vaporizer that claims to help add more flavor is the Plenty.

Liquid Options
Some marijuana vaporizers give you the option to use more than just concentrates to burn in the vaporizer, such as the Eclipse Vape H2O or the Eclipse Vape Pipe. Both of these vaporizers can also use liquids, herbs, and essential oils as well the concentrates.

Heats Quickly
Some vaporizers heat up quickly, making use almost instant. This is perfect when pain comes on suddenly, and medicinal marijuana is needed quickly. One vaporizer that is specifically known for heating up almost instantly is the Firefly Vaporizer.

If you are in the DC area and trying to decide on the right marijuana vaporizer for you, you can check out the vaporizers we have available on our website or contact one of our knowledgeable staff members at Herbal Alternatives.