How To Use Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is becoming one of the more popular ways to ingest medicinal marijuana. Many people are using cannabis oil in ways other than smoking. There are benefits to using cannabis oil more than just smoking. Some ways may work faster than smoking and others may be applied directly to an affected area.

Cannabis oils can be used for pain relief. Here are two different ways it may be used:

  • Topicals: Cannabis oil can be added into other oils and lotions to create the topicals. By adding the cannabis oil to lotions, you can apply the cannabis-infused lotion directly to the sore area and get fast-acting relief. People use topicals for relief for a wide variety of reasons: psoriasis, arthritis, muscle cramps, menstruation cramps, migraines, and more. While the topicals won’t cure the problem, it may help provide relief when applied directly to the affected area.
  • Medibles: Cannabis oil can be added to several foods and drinks to be ingested. Some cannabis oils when added to heat actually become stronger than needs be; it is best to check and see if the cannabis oil that you are using is okay to be heated or if it just needs to be added after the food or drink has been prepared. The oil can be added to your morning smoothies for early pain relief throughout the day, or added to a milkshake as dessert for relief in the evening.   

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