How To Get Medical Marijuana In DC

The first and most important thing to know when getting medical marijuana in DC is you need a medicinal marijuana card. Registering for your DC medical marijuana card is a fairly easy process, here are a few things you will need:

  • Government Issued ID: You can use either your license or your passport. As long as the address on your driver’s license matches the address on your application, only the drivers license will be needed.
  • Two Documents of Residency: Having these documents helps to further prove that the address on your application is the place you are living. It’s to ensure that you are living in a state that approves the use of medicinal marijuana. You can use these as your proof of residency:


      • Driver’s License/Passport
      • Voter Registration Card
      • Full Copy of Lease
      • Deed to Property
      • Utility Bill (Pepco or Washington Gas)
      • Copy of Recent Pay Stub


  • Physicians Recommendation: If your physician is unable to provide you with a recommendation, we have physicians that we can recommend you use.
  • School Size Photo: Those horrible dreaded picture days can now help you with what you need. Just like the photos from school were from the shoulders up, you need two for your application.
  • A Money Order For Registration Fee


Now that you have your medical marijuana card, how do you get medicaal marijuana in DC?

Herbal Alternatives is a medical marijuana dispensary. We are located conveniently near Dupont Circle Station: just an eight minute walk away. It is our mission to provide you with a caring and safe environment, while you begin your journey toward healing and pain relief. Once you’ve made it into our store, you can browse around the best medicinal marijuana for all your medicinal needs.

Now that you know how to get medical marijuana in DC, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us today for any questions you have about the products we carry or attaining a medical marijuana card and schedule a visit to the store. We are happy to help you throughout your entire healing journey.