How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In DC

Getting a medical cannabis card may seem like a long and difficult process; however, once you’ve completed the steps, it usually takes around 30 days to receive your card. Whether you’re doing this for the very first time or you’re in need of renewing your license, here are the steps you need to take in order to get a medical cannabis card in DC.

  1. Get a medical cannabis card recommendation: You can use either your physician, if they have been approved by the Department of Health, or book an appointment from a trusted doctor in the DC area.
    • These are a few of the trusted physicians that we at Herbal Alternatives recommend.
    • Feel free to call or stop by and talk to any of our employees who have gone through the process themselves.
  2. Submit an application: You can either send in your application for your medical cannabis card electronically, mailed, or hand-delivered to the DC Department of Health. Listed below are the links to get your application papers.
  3. Verification of your ID and residency: You need a state issued ID as well as two proofs of address. Various forms of these ID can be:
    • License
    • Voter Registration Card
    • Copy of Lease Agreement
    • Deed to Property
    • Utility Bill
    • Most Recent Pay Stub

If you still have any questions or doubts about getting your medical cannabis card in DC, you can contact us at Herbal Alternatives and we would be happy to help. We understand the process may feel long and daunting, but each of our staff members have a personal history with the use of medical cannabis and have gone through the same process you’re going through. Once you’ve received your cannabis card, we’d be happy to help you find the perfect products for your needs.