How to Get Marijuana in DC

Now that you have your medical marijuana card, there are certain rules and laws that still need to be followed in order to get marijuana in DC. There’s really only one tip to know how to get marijuana in DC.

Find a Dispensary

Herbal Alternatives is a medical marijuana dispensary that can help fill your medical marijuana needs in DC. Our mission is to provide you with a natural, quality cannabis solution. We understand that each person has specific and different needs when it comes to using medicinal marijuana. We help you find the products that work best for you.

These are a few of our products that our dispensary offers:  

  • Flowers:
    • Cheese: This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its unique flavor and potency. It is known for its relaxed and happy effects.
    • Loudmouth #5: This flower is an even balance between Indica and Sativa. It can help to relieve anxiety, cramps, depression, and muscle/joint pain.
  • Pre-Rolls:
  • Medibles:
  • Concentrates:
  • Topical:
    • X-Botanica Muscle Cream: This is designed with athletes in mind. This can help relieve muscle cramps and joint pain.
    • Cannidex+: This topical approach may be one of the safest ways to use medical marijuana in DC.  This can help autism, asthma, seizures, pms, ptsd and much more.

Let our team help you find the right marijuana to help with your symptoms and pain. Contact us today and we can help you get the marijuana you need in DC.