Four Ways to Use Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is becoming a more popular choice for a more natural pain reliever. There are several different ways that you can use cannabis oil to your benefit. Smoking and vaping might be the most popular way to ingest, but leave a lingering smell on you and your clothes. There are also restrictions on where you can smoke and vape as well; however, there are a few other cannabis options to help with your pain relief that are easier and more direct than smoking or vaping.

Here are four suggestions of how to use your cannabis oil to your best advantage

  • Baking: This is probably the most popular option and been around the longest. Brownies are typically the first baked good that pops into anyone’s mind when baking with cannabis oil. There are so many other baked goods out there that you can infuse with cannabis oil: cakes, cookies, sweet breads, etc…
  • Cooking: When you are cooking chicken on the stove, you typically add olive oil, right? Why not add cannabis oil and get some potential pain relief while eating your dinner? It can be tricky figuring out the right amount to use while cooking, but just keep the measuring cups handy along with Google for recipes and you should be just fine.
  • Topicals: If you suffer from arthritis or any other joint pain, then topicals might the best use for cannabis oil. You can add a few drops of the oil to your favorite lotion or ointments. Just apply the oil-infused lotion onto the areas that hurt to help with the pain relief.
  • Drinks: You can add cannabis oil to your favorite smoothie, tea, or coffee in the morning. You now not only get a pick-me-up from your favorite drink but also some relief from your aches and pains.  possible pain relief as well.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to use cannabis oil in different ways, contact Herbal Alternatives today and start seeing the benefits of using our quality cannabis oil.