How To Obtain Medical Cannabis in D.C.

Do you suffer with constant pain and are just looking for some form of relief? Medical cannabis may be an option to explore. With its legalization gaining more and more popularity in the United States, cannabis can be a possible solution to your pain without harmful side effects or getting a high while taking it. Medical cannabis allows you the relief you need without the normal effects most people think of when referring to cannabis.


Steps to obtaining your medical cannabis card



  • Doctor’s Recommendation: The first and most important step in obtaining your medical cannabis card is consulting with your doctor. If you do not have a regular doctor, then here is a list of local DC practitioners. The other steps to getting your cannabis card cannot be completed without first and foremost receiving a doctor’s recommendation. 
  • Government ID: Once you have done the hard part of visiting the doctor and receiving the all clear for your medical cannabis card, the process is a simple one. You’ll need to get several forms of ID and proof of residency together. The first is a government ID that can be either a driver’s license or a passport photo.
  • Proof of Residency: You will need two different forms to prove that you reside in DC in order to receive your medical cannabis card. You can use the aforementioned government ID, voter’s registration card, a copy of your lease, a deed to your property, a utility bill, or a copy of your most recent pay stub showing D.C. withholding tax.
  • Your Photo: You will need to take two “selfie”-sized photos of you which must cover your face from ear to ear and the base of your neck to the top of your head. 
  • Application and Fee: Now that you have everything ready and in order, all that is left is the application and the fee. You have the option of submitting your medical cannabis application through the mail, electronically, or even hand-delivered to the Department of Health. Once they approve you, you’ll be given a medical cannabis card that will allow you to enter any one of the marijuana dispensaries in Washington, D.C.


You are now well on your way to obtaining your medical cannabis card and starting your journey toward healing relief. If you have any further questions or would like help submitting your application forms, Herbal Alternatives would be glad to help you submit documentation to the Department of Health on your behalf. Contact us today for more information on the products we provide our customers or help obtaining your medical marijuana card.