Different Uses For Cannabis Tinctures

Getting your medical marijuana card can be an exciting step in your journey to pain relief. Now that you have your card, what’s the next step? Finding a product that works best for you. Cannabis tinctures may be an option. One of the uses for cannabis tinctures is to get you fast-acting relief.

Where can you find cannabis tinctures?

Finding a dispensary that isn’t too far from home or work and that has the cannabis tinctures you need is the next step. Herbal Alternatives is a dispensary located in DC and is ready to help find uses for cannabis tinctures design just for you. We understand that the symptom of having constant pain can have a negative effect on your everyday life. We are constantly searching for new uses for cannabis tinctures and our other products to further help you on your relief journey. Each of our staff members also has a personal history with cannabis, making them the best advocates to help find the relief you need.

How to use cannabis tinctures?

  • Sublingually: Fast-acting relief is one of the many uses of cannabis tinctures. You simply take your bottle of cannabis tinctures and place a few drops under your tongue. After you let the drops set under your tongue for around a minute, the relief of pain is only a few minutes away. Typically by using this method, it takes around 15 minutes before you can start to feel the relief.
  • Orally: The difference between orally and sublingually is that by allowing the drops to set under your tongue, it can flow through your bloodstream quickly. By taking it orally, you simply drop the tinctures into your mouth and swallow. While this may not provide fast relief, it still provides relief.
  • Edibles: You can add a few drops of the tinctures into your favorite dish and enjoy. Not only do you get relief from your pain, but a great dinner or sweet snack as well.

If finding the perfect uses for cannabis tinctures is something you’d like to learn on your journey to healing, contact us today and let one of our friendly staff assist you on your journey to relief.