CBD, or cannabidiol, oil is the oil that is derived from cannabis in the plant’s secretions. Some users refer to CBD oil as hemp oil, or CBD-rich hemp oil (CBD oil is not hemp oil however, as CBD oil contains cannabidiol, where hemp oil does not). With its ever-growing popularity in the medical and science fields, CBD oil is becoming known for more and more uses and ways to help customers with different types of pain and illnesses.

Recommended Uses for CBD Oil

These are just a few of the recommended uses for CBD oil. Consult your medical practitioner for specific health needs, but for general pain, discomfort, and both physical and mental health-related issues, CBD oil is a wonderful tool for relief.

• Stress
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Mood
• Acne
• Depression
• Pain Relief

While there are many other recommended uses for CBD oil and suggestions by users, we kept the list to a minimum. But if you have any questions about CBD oil, our products we supply, possible health benefits or uses of medical marijuana or CBD oil, or the best ways to use any of these products, feel free to contact us at Herbal Alternatives at any time. We love answering questions about medical marijuana and any other products related to it to help our customers try to relieve pain and live a better life.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil

There are many benefits to using just CBD oil without the THC included, but the main reason customers choose CBD oil over general concentrates is to avoid the high that comes with THC. THC in medical marijuana is what causes the high feeling customers receive, so if you would prefer to avoid this feeling, CBD oil is the way to go. It still includes all the health benefits of helping with pain relief, sleep, energy, and more but without the added THC side effects.