The Best Marijuana Edibles in DC

What exactly is a marijuana edible? When you hear edible marijuana, you typically think of brownies; however, there are so many other different ways and techniques to eat marijuana edibles. Edibles are foods and drinks that have been infused with marijuana. The most common items that you can purchase premade are baked goods and candies. However, you can also make marijuana edibles on your own.

Where can you find the best marijuana edibles in DC?

Since there are several medical dispensaries throughout the DC area, how will you know where to get the best? Herbal Alternatives, located minutes from the Dupont Circle Station, is not only convenient to get to but also has the best quality of marijuana edibles in DC. We sell premade edibles as well as the oil and tinctures needed to use in creating your own marijuana edibles.

Here are a few of our more popular edible products:  

Tips for creating the best marijuana edibles:

When you are creating your edible goodies, make sure to check the temperature the oil can handle being cooked with. You don’t want to leave your goodies baking too long and bake out all the benefits of the marijuana. Be sure to add the oil or tinctures into your baked goods slowly. You don’t want to make the taste of the baked goods disappear and be overpowered by the marijuana. Until you become a more proficient  baker, it would be best to start by drizzling the oil almost like icing on your goodies.

If you are ready to taste the best marijuana edibles in DC, contact us at Herbal Alternatives today to get your edibles today.