Best Dispensary in Washington, DC

When you hear Washington, DC, you think of a town with great history and heroic patriotism. Not only is Washington, DC a town rich in history and beautiful with old architectural buildings, but also a place where historical decisions have been made. One of those great decisions was the legalization of marijuana. Washington, DC is among one of the leaders of change in the acceptance of medicinal marijuana. Since the legalization of medicinal marijuana, there have been dispensaries setting up shop all over Washington, DC, leaving you an overwhelming number of dispensaries to choose from.  

How to choose the best dispensary in Washington, DC

There are a few things to consider when you are deciding on the best dispensary for your needs.


  • Location: You need a location that is convenient. Washington, DC is not only a great historical city, but a busy city as well. No one really enjoys sitting in traffic, especially when it’s to get your natural medicine. Herbal Alternatives is conveniently located just a few blocks from the Dupont Circle Station, allowing you to avoid traffic altogether by taking the bus or walking.
  • Atmosphere: When you walk into any place of business, it’s always nice to be greeted with a smile. At Herbal Alternatives, we not only are happy to help you, but we want you to feel welcomed as well. Each of our staff is very knowledgeable with our products. It is our mission to help you understand the purposes of the medicinal marijuana we carry in our dispensary.
  • Products: We take our customers’ feedback seriously. We carry only top quality products that our customers find helpful. From flowers and pre-rolls to accessories and edibles, we carry products for every one and every need.


Herbal Alternatives has a convenient location with a great atmosphere and quality products. Contact us today for any questions and let us help you make Herbal Alternatives your local dispensary in Washington, DC.