Buying and Carrying Medical Marijuana in DC

As a resident of Washington, DC, you have the legal right to go through the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card and buying medical marijuana. This process to obtain a cannabis card is not difficult, but there are several steps that must be followed to properly obtain your cannabis card. There are so many incredible benefits of medical marijuana that can help with chronic pain and illnesses, and we cannot wait until you can experience them. We have laid out the process for obtaining your cannabis card on our website here. It generally takes up to a month for the DOH to mail out cannabis cards, so keep that in mind when going through the process of getting your medical marijuana card and preparing to buy medical marijuana.

Once you have a cannabis card, you are legally allowed to enter a marijuana dispensary where you can buy medical marijuana. If you do not have your medical marijuana card, you cannot enter a dispensary, so you will want to keep it on you at all times. You never know when you may have a flare up or need to restock your supply quickly if something runs out you did not realize was low.

Where To Buy Medical Marijuana in DC

If you are a legal resident of DC and have a cannabis card, you can buy medical marijuana at a medical dispensary of your choice in Washington, DC. You may not purchase cannabis from individuals or other vendors. Many cannabis state cards from other states do not work in DC either, so that’s something to consider when traveling and visiting the DC area.

There are plenty of marijuana dispensaries from which to choose, but of course, we have one we highly recommend. A few things to consider when choosing a dispensary are the location, the products, and the staff. You want to choose a dispensary that you can get to easily, whether on the way home from work or close to home. You will also want to make sure the marijuana dispensary you choose to go to has quality products and the specific marijuana products you will need. There is nothing worse than making a trip to the dispensary to find out they do not have what you need, especially if you are in need of pain relief right then. The last thing to consider is how kind and knowledgeable the staff are that work at the dispensary. Can they answer your questions for you or provide suggestions of something new to try or marijuana products you might prefer over others? All of these things are important when considering which marijuana dispensary to choose.

But just because you can buy medical marijuana, does not mean you can take it with you everywhere you go. DC has a lot of federal buildings and land, which means there are a lot of areas where medical marijuana is still illegal.

What Is The Law For Carrying Medical Marijuana in DC?

The law in DC for medical marijuana states that a resident of DC over the age of 21 may have up to two ounces of marijuana on them at any time. But again, there are limitations to the places you can go carrying your two ounces of medical marijuana. You cannot have marijuana on you in any federal buildings or on federal property: this includes federal museums, memorials, The Capitol Building, and more. So if you are wanting to just take a walk and enjoy the nice day outside, it is best to stick to walking around your neighborhood to avoid accidentally breaking the law by wandering on federal property. Another thing to note when carrying marijuana is that you may not use marijuana in public, so even though you can have it on you in most places, you have to be in a private place to use your medical marijuana.

Under DC law, you can also grow up to six marijuana plants at one time at home and have marijuana accessories as well. Marijuana plants can be tricky to grow and take quite a while to get to the point of having leaves big enough to use, so buying your medical marijuana can often be a much faster and less expensive option when you consider the time, soil, pots, plants, and water involved in growing your own cannabis. You also have more options at a medical dispensary than you will with the plants you can grow at home.

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No matter what your reasoning or need for medical marijuana is, we hope this article helped you better understand where you can buy medical marijuana in DC and what a few of the laws are when carrying cannabis in the DC area. If you have any questions about obtaining your medical marijuana card, our dispensary at Herbal Alternatives or the products we offer, we would love to answer those any time. You can contact us through the form on our website, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We look forward to helping you find new products and uses for medical marijuana and learning the incredible benefits of pain relief it can bring you. We hope to see you very soon (once you have your cannabis card, of course).